Our Story

Traceability is our number one passion in life. We come from the supplement industry and have run a tight ship with triple GMP certification licenses from (1) Underwriters Laboratory (2) NSF-International (3) Natural Product Association.

We love brand new lab equipment and we love our customers! We are all about systematic processes, SOPs, quality and immediate communication!

We are going to be applying for ISO 17025:2005 as soon as we have received a license.

Great North Analytical, LLC was founded in January of 2019.
The Location of the business is: 1065 Bay Blvd, Ste A, B and C

Size of laboratory: 7,757 SQ FT

The Founder
The founder and owner, Oskar Thorvaldsson, owns and operates several businesses, including Dr. Clark Store, Inc., Nutritional Supplement Manufacturers, Inc., Pick Pack America, Inc., Great North, LLC, Bernard Jensen Products, and Vitamins Without Junk, LLC.

The Laboratory Director

Karem Villegas
B.S. in Chemistry from Autonomous University of Baja California, Tijuana, Mexico.

Currently the Lab Director at Nutritional Supplement Manufacturers, Inc. Worked there for about 6 years taking care of laboratory operations such as general testing of raw materials, in-process and finished products; have participated in the acquisition of necessary laboratory equipment to ensure compliance with regulations, in charge of method development, and implementation and verification of new laboratory processes and have received training from companies such as PerkinElmer, Phenologix, Camag and BioLumix. Karem oversees quality control through analysis on production processes to ensure compliance with regulations as well as creating standard operating procedures for both laboratory operations and production setting specifications for the team to follow to achieve our goals with the best quality possible.

Equipment List we have our eyes on:

HPLC – High Performance Liquid Chromatography Equipment for Potency from Perkin Elmer / Flexar HPLC
LC MS/MS Equipment for Pesticides Micotoxins from Perkin Elmer / Qsight 420
GC/MS Equipment for Residual Solvents from Perkin Elmer / Clarus SQ8
FT-NIR/NIRM for CBD/THC Ratio & Moisture from Perkin Elmer / Spectrum Two
Microwave Sample Prep from Perkin Elmer / TITAN
Security system including multiple camera feeds and metal/weapons detectors
ICP-MS for Heavy Metal Analysis from perkin Elmer / NexION-2000B
Pathogen DX Equipment
Zero Air / Nitrogen generator
Sample Grinder
Vortex / Shaker
Analytical Balances
DI Water System
Vented Prep Hoods
Chemistry Benches